Multifunctional platform for Impact Investing

If our generation does not do the impossible, waiting for us unthinkable
About our project
The EcoStart is a multifunctional platform for Impact Investing using blockchain technology.

This project is another fundraising tool for investing in environmental activities and green business.

Our project targets companies and technologies whose products, processes or services are driven to improve environmental sustainability. This includes solar, wind, energy storage, recycling and waste, geothermal, biofuels, as well as other green technologies that help in alleviating anthropogenic impacts.
The first NFT in the Endangered Animals collection. The orangutan is considered the most intelligent animal after humans. There are only 5-10 thousand individuals left on the planet.
NFT collection

To raise funds for the development of the EcoStart impact project, we created a NFT collection of postage stamp-style pictures of endangered animals . The collection consists of 32 "stamps", issued in the amount of 125 pieces each ( We will create 6 more such collections: "The most amazing trees of the world", "The most amazing animals of the world", "The most unusual fish", "The most unusual birds", "The most dangerous insects" and "Exclusive collection". Each primary buyer of an NFT token from any of our collections will additionally receive EcoStart project tokens in an amount equivalent to the nominal value of an NFT token. The owner of the exclusive collection will receive 5% of EcoStart shares. By purchasing our NFTs, you will help us develop the EcoStart project, which will help improve the environment for you, for your families, for your countries, for our planet. Together we are stronger.
On the next page - the first collection of NFT "Disappearing Animals"

Existing problems

The main environmental problem is Insufficient investment in green business and into ecology.

Currently, investments in the environment are only 1% of GDP. To stabilize the environmental situation at the current level, it is required to invest at least 3% of GDP in order to improve it - at least 4% of GDP, for radical changes – at least 5% of GDP.

Problems of the traditional system Investments into ecology

Expensive and slow services
The dominance of large financial groups
Politicization, which impedes the implementation of global projects on our common planet
Difficulty in cross-border transactions
The investment process is not public
There is no mechanism for attracting investors with small amounts
EcoStart Platform Features

Decentralized Environmental Investment Fund

For investing in environmental projects and green businesses
Decentralized Сrowdfunding and Fundraising services

To raise funds for NGOs, social startups and environmental activists
Own blockchain platform with smart contract constructor

Service for self-development of security tokens and smart contracts to tokenize their assets
The marketplace for green business followers

For all members of the environmental community: socially responsible business, investors, volunteers
Space Monitoring

of the Earth's Surface

To search for environmental violations
Constructor "Lottery maker"

Constructor of decentralized ecological lotteries
Service for expertise, recommendations and ratings
Collecting data and trust ratings of initiators of environmental projects, volunteers and experts based on blockchain technology
Private Cryptomessenger

Crypto messenger based on P2P (peer-to-peer) technology

Decentralized Environmental

Investment Fund (EIF)

Fund management through smart contracts

The Fund will follow the principles of impact investing aimed at creating positive, measurable environmental impacts along with financial returns.

Reliability - The Fund works on the blockchain. Most of the processes are automated.

Liquidity - the ability to withdraw money at any time;

Security - decentralized asset storage, multi-signature, system data encryption;

Confidentiality - Personal data of clients is not disclosed;

Diversification - only promising assets;

Low commissions - Favorable conditions for the investor.

A brand new, blockchain platform
TECO is a platform for creating decentralized online services based on blockchain with a service for issuing security tokens (tokenized securities) by companies to tokenize their assets and seek investment in their environmental projects.
The TECO blockchain platform will be offered to clients as a service based on the Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) model.
It is planned to launch 2 blockchain networks.
An open blockchain network will contain information about transactions on the network.
The private blockchain network will contain information about projects that can only be accessed by certain users of the platform.
The core of the platform will be TECO security tokens with POI generation (proof of importance), capable of working with the most common connection protocols

Environmental community: initiators, investors, experts, volunteers

Search for environmental projects for investment

Attracting investment in environmental projects

Search and coordination of volunteer activities

Getting real ratings of participants

Ecological community

Obtaining objective recommendations

Communicate with each other in a crypto messenger based on peer-to-peer technology

Сrowdfunding and Fundraising services
Each environmental NPO or authorized environmental activist can:
a. emit social environmental tokens (SET) on the TECO platform. These tokens are not sekurity tokens, they are utility tokens
b. create a smart contract using the constructor of smart contracts
c. sell the created SET tokens on the EcoStart exchange. If in the process the token sale raised less Soft cups, then all collected funds are returned to donors. Bidding ends if the fundraising time is up or the Hard cup is reached.

Donors and sponsors who bought SET tokens can use them to increase their rating and image interests, accumulating the number of such tokens on their crypto wallet or use them to get discounts on paid platform services.
Why choose us?
  • Market Access 24/7
    Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
  • Good Support
    Ability to automate compliance procedures
  • Open API
    Ability to create an ecosystem of related services (platform includes various services aimed at supporting green business).

Key competitive advantages

Before the traditional investment system

  • Independence and efficiency in raising funds

  • Transparency of fund raising and control over spending

  • Independence from government services and financial groups
  • Lack of intermediaries

  • Low costservice
  • Eco-community creation
We are # EcoStart; strive for # EcoStart; new work standards at # EcoStart; and # EcoStart; always working for # EcoStart; the future.
We are # EcoStart; strive for # EcoStart; new work standards at # EcoStart; and # EcoStart; always working for # EcoStart; the future.

Income model (B2B)

According to the forecast, the business value in 3 years will reach USD 52.7 million.

The company's capitalization will increase 2-5 times.

Business plan

Our genetic code

We hope that we are not just the founders and team of the EcoStart project. In our imagination, we have drawn a way of life, a vision of how the ecology on our planet can be in the future, and we want to change what people are doing with the environment now.

We know how people will use our product, how it can improve the ecological situation on earth and the quality of life, and we hope that our startup will become a visionary.    We want you to support us by giving us the opportunity to act. We all live on the same planet. Earth is your home too.


Join us! We need you. The earth is your home too

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